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Weekly tasks & summary

Week 15

Topic: Photography

Visiting lecturer video:


Fashion photography is all about capturing a mood. You must show the fashion and make sure you convey a season and the trend.

You are to create 10 images of an adult in fashion. This may be someone in their everyday office wear or someone in a favourite fashion.

(Make sure you always inform someone if you are going to take their picture) You are to create a gallery of images from the pictures you take.

If you don’t have the use of a camera – Look into your favourite fashion images online and create a digital scrapbook. This will create a space to revisit for inspiration.


To discover if taking fashion images is something that interests you.

If you feel you like documenting fashion in this way then this could be a potential career path for you.

What you will need:

Wifi access if you wish to research online


X1 sheet of A4 or A3 paper or card if you wish to stick your research onto a board

A smart phone (That has the function of a camera) or a camera (Any type of camera) If you don’t have the use of a camera don’t worry you can still do most of the task effectively.

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