Why choose this course:

– Dynamic class atmosphere with an innovative structure – class lectures followed by insightful tasks.

– Creative learning split out into innovative modules over the duration of the course.

– Outstanding industry experienced icons.

– Branded goody bag (because we all need an extra incentive from time to time).

What’s on the course

Supply Chain

Know Your Industry

Know Your Market







Textiles Styling



Fashion photography




The Fashion Society course is for students who are dynamic, diverse and interested in the ever expanding field of fashion. Encouraging innovation and originality, the course will support your creative, practical and intellectual development. It will be an impressive addition to your university / art school applications.

During your time on the course, you will work closely with your peers allowing you to instigate and nurture professional relationships which will inform your future industry networks. All aspects of the course relate to current professional and critical practice in the fashion industries. Some projects may include participation in live competitions. The interdisciplinary nature of the curriculum is designed to provide a microcosm of the professional fashion world. The nature of this work will give you valuable insight into your future role in the industry.  

Fees & Funding

Please enquire for pricing.

We offer a two-term course of 20 weekly after school sessions totalling 40 hours or a shorter one-term course of 10 weekly after school sessions totalling 20 hours.

Graduates will receive a Fashion Society certificate, valuable insight and impressive creditation should you wish to further you education in this exciting field.

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